Product description:

Table-top sweetener based on crystalline grape sugar and steviol glycosides (0.5%).
Sweetener blend of natural origin based on crystalline grape sugar (dextrose and fructose) and steviol glycosides (stevia leaf extract).


The product is formulated to be twice as sweet (200%) as traditional sugar. The dose of use is therefore half (50%)


Maillard reaction – caramelisation


Easily soluble in water

Anti-freezing power

Being mainly monosaccharides (> 99%), it reduces the freezing point.
PAC = 1.9

Main functions
  • Calories are reduced by 50% compared to traditional sugar for the same sweetening power: ideal for low-sugar and/or low-calorie products.
  • High hygroscopicity and wetting effect
  • Improves structure and has an anti-crystallisation effect
  • Synergy between the humectant properties of fructose and the reducing properties of dextrose


Naturalia sugars, available in different versions and certifications, are intended for both the food and wine sectors (only if produced from wine grapes and therefore derived from must and not juice).

Wine products can be certified organic according to EU regulations, and can also be used as organic ingredients in the food industry, as expressly stated in the MIPAAF circular of 6 June 2012.