Product description:

Crystalline fructose from grapes.
It is the authentic portion of the monosaccharide fructose present in grape juice.
It takes the form of white crystals, with a purity of ≥ 98%.


High sweetening power (POD = approx. 130 – 150% compared to sucrose), variable according to temperature and pH


Maillard reaction – caramelisation (110°C)


High degree of solubility

Anti-freezing power

Reduces the freezing point
PAC = 1.9

The Glycaemic index (GI)

Low (IG = 20-25)
(= “traditional” fructose)

Main functions
  • Can be used in lower concentrations than sucrose, for low-sugar and/or low-calorie and low-glycemic products
  • High hygroscopicity and wetting effect
  • Improves structure and has an anti-crystallisation effect
  • Slower-release energy source than glucose, ideal for prolonged activities


Naturalia sugars, available in different versions and certifications, are intended for both the food and wine sectors (only if produced from wine grapes and therefore derived from must and not juice).

Wine products can be certified organic according to EU regulations, and can also be used as organic ingredients in the food industry, as expressly stated in the MIPAAF circular of 6 June 2012.