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Crystalline dextrose monohydrate from dates

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Crystalline dextrose monohydrate from dates It is the authentic portion of the glucose monosaccharide present in date juice. It takes the form of white crystals, with purity > 99%.

Low sweetening power (POD = approx. 70% compared to sucrose)


Maillard reaction – caramelisation (160°C)


Low solubility (lower than sucrose) at T < 55°C High solubility (greater than sucrose) at T> 55°C

Anti-freezing power

Reduces the freezing point
PAC = 1.9

Glycemic index

IG glucose = 100 (no data on the specific product)

Main functions
  • Used to control and balance the level of sweetness
  • Improves structure and has an anti-crystallisation effect
  • Immediate energy source to restore the body’s energy reserves under stress
  • It is a reducing sugar and promotes the suppression of oxidative degradation, thus also stabilising easily oxidisable substances and colour